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Welcome to the dance school Latinsalseando in Havana, where you can experience the best salsa lessons in Cuba.
 We can’t wait to have you dancing with us here in Cuba, the birthplace of the Salsa and Son rhythms. We are excited to share the energy and passion we have for Cuba dance and music.

We believe in finding the best kind of class for you and offer flexible classes to fit into your holiday. From beginners to advanced students, you will enjoy a tailored class with your own personal Cuban dance teacher.

We organize the salsa lessons in Cuba based on your individual level, needs and wishes, considering your knowledge, capabilities and schedule. Whatever mode you choose we will get you to dance Cuban style.

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Authentic Cuban Dance School

Our school is located in a beautifully restored 250 year old Spanish residence in the heart of central Havana. Our unique studio provides a historical backdrop to students seeking emersion into the mix of culture, music and history that combine to make cuban dancing.

Most importantly though, Latinsalseando is a live working salsa school for Cubans. Every day you will see the school full of Cuban children, teenagers and adults learning how to be the next Cuban international dance star. For this reason, we are known as one of the most authentic salsa schools in Havana.

Lessons in Salsa, Son, Rumba and Rueda

Our school teaches all styles of Cuban dances. From traditional Cuba dance like Cuban Salsa, Son, Afro-Cuban Rumba, Folklore Yoruba, Cha-cha-cha, Mambo and Rueda de Casino through to more recent styles such as Kizomba, Reggaeton and Bachata.

Our teachers are specialists in their styles, and you can be assured that you will be learning from some of the best teachers in all of Cuba.


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A social mission

Latinsalseando, the leading dance school in Cuba, offers authentic salsa lessons in Cuba. Our mission is to share the rich Cuban dance culture with both locals and visitors. Located in Central Havana, our first mission is to give Cuban Children and Young Cubans the possibility to learn about dance and grow through dance. We are so proud to be training the next generation of Cuban Dance superstars. For international visitors we offer the chance to learn from some of the best teachers in Cuba, in the same way the Cubans learn to dance. We don’t think you can get much more authentic than that.

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A trip to Havana is not complete without experiencing its amazing nightlife. Salsa in the classroom is fun but trying out your new moves on in one of Havana’s salsa dance floors is why people come to Cuba. The City’s dance scene ranges from hot and sweaty salsa clubs and modern discos through to music houses and concert halls.


With your own personal salsa instructor you can schedule classes when it is convenient to you, learn at your own pace and choose your preferred style. You can even choose your favorite. Discover the magic of salsa lessons in Cuba with your dedicated instructor.


Perhaps the only school in Havana that is open to both Cubans and foreigners, our group classes provide a unique Cuban experience. Classes primarily focus on salsa, whether it be movement, steps, turns or styling. Open group classes are offered at a beginner and intermediate levels.


The only thing more fun that learning salsa is learning with your friends and family in your own private group class. We will provide a great class instructor and professional dance partners for each participant.


Children’s classes are our specialty at Latinsalseando – the premier destination for salsa lessons in Cuba. It’s where we began, and it remains our core mission. Our kids classes are built on having fun and building dance basics like movement and rhythm.


We make it easy and safe for you to hit the town with our “taxi dancer” program. Our experienced dance teachers will take you out and show you the best clubs in Havana, this also makes sure you always have someone to dance with


Interested in learning some Spanish with your salsa. Our partner Barclay Languages is one of the most renowned spanish learning centres in Cuba; check out their website at for all of the details on their programs and classes.

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Purpose built Salsa school in 1780’s Colonial House

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of salsa schools in Havana, estimates are that there are upwards of 50. The important thing to know is that the term “school” in Cuba is typically used very loosely. Many of these so-called schools are simply young Cuban males who have no formal training in dance who are happy to teach you a few basic steps in the comfort of the front room of your airbnb. If you are only after have a bit of fun this can still be a viable option though unfortunately is typically hit and miss.

It is best to lean towards to larger recognised salsa schools which follow an established methodology and have a strong and typically well know founder behind the school. Latinsalseando is one of the best school in Cuba and was founded by international salsa performer for that reason and was founder by international salsa performer Mariesly Paradelo but if you decide to choose another school then Casona del Son is also highly reputable.

Whilst most people would instinctively say that Salsa is the most popular dance in Cuba, they would be wrong. Reggaeton is the most popular dance style across Cuba and the music that is most often played in nightclubs across the country. This is not to suggest that salsa is not popular, indeed Cuba has some of the best salsa clubs around and arguably the best live salsa music scene in the world. Havana is to Salsa what Nashville is to country music, where you can find top quality salsa music in nearly ever corner of the city. Cubans also dance Son, Rumba and Rueda de Casino and indeed are also know to mix many styles together to interpret the rich nature of Cuban music.

Cuban salsa is also called Casino, it traces its origin as a partner dance from Son Cuba, fused with partner figures and turns adopted from the Cuban Mambo, Cuban Cha Cha Cha, Rumba Guaguancó and North American Jive.

Casino is danced in a circular motion as partners face each other in intricate patterns of arms and body movement. This is distinctive from the North American Salsa styles which is danced in line with partners swapping positions back and forth.

Cuban salsa is characterized by Afro Cuban style body movement which includes body isolation and hip movement. The hip movement is more noticeable in Cuban style and stems from the pumping of the knees.

That all Cubans can dance is probably the most famous myth about Cubans. In fact, many of the stereotypes surrounding Cubans are related to the country’s reputation for music and dance, although only a small number of Cubans can actually dance. Curiously enough, there is a nickname for Cubans who can’t dance – they are called “Swedes.” The origin of this term is not racist – it comes from a story that the Swedish used to have a law that banned any spontaneous dancing, which of course is a common Cuban pastime!

Want to go Cuba dancing? Getting out on the dance floor in public can be intimidating and asking someone to dance who you don’t even know can be even more scary – doing all of that in a strange exotic country can often seem impossible. For this reason, the Taxi Dancer concept was born. It is simply where dance teachers accompany their students out at night time to ensure they are safe in a new environment, get to dance in the best salsa clubs and most importantly always have someone to dance with.

Cuba is an extremely safe country by both regional and global standards. Violent crime here is almost non-existent and gun violence is largely unheard of.

However, whilst Cuba is generally a very safe place to travel, it is always best to watch your belongings and beware of pick-pockets and purse snatchers. Leave expensive jewellery in the safe and only carry what you need for that day. It is advisable to leave valuables, including passports in the safe. A copy of the passport should suffice for ID purposes. You will however need your passport for exchanging of currency.