Dive into our collection of Latin dance videos spanning a wide range of genres including salsa, son, cha cha cha, reggaeton, bachata, contemporary dance and many more. Each video will show you the talent and passion of the dancers, taking you on a journey through rhythm and mobility full of energy and artistic expression through the wonderful world of dance.

Whether you’re a fan of dancing, a professional dancer, or just someone who enjoys watching others move to the music, our dance page has something for everyone. Plus, we’ll be constantly updating our Latin dance videos library so you’ll always have new stuff to explore and enjoy.

Latinsalseando is a thriving dance school located in the heart of Central Havana. Established with the goal of spreading the rich Cuban dance culture, we aim to bring the joy of dance to everyone, including visitors to our beautiful country. Our primary focus is offering children and young people the chance to learn and hone their skills in dance. Our experienced trainers take great pride in instilling the fundamentals of Cuban dance, allowing the next generation to flourish and become the next rising stars.

We extend the opportunity for tourists to learn from some of Cuba’s finest instructors, just like the way Cubans themselves learn to dance. Our commitment to authenticity is unparalleled, providing an experience that is truly genuine and enriching. 


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