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People learn salsa for different reasons – some may be impressed by the liveliness of the Caribbean dance style, while others may want to try it to get in shape. What else? Besides being fun, salsa opens doors for other dance styles.

Are you interested in taking salsa lessons in Cuba? If yes, finding the best salsa classes in Havana is the first step. However, the task is often a struggle, and not many people know the factors to keep in mind for choosing the right salsa lessons.

Do you need anything to distract you from the stress of the past year or two? If you are looking for local dance studios on Google, you are likely curious to learn more about the various dance forms you and your partner can perform that will take you to another place.

In the article, we will discuss four critical questions to ask yourself before selecting a place for salsa classes in Havana.

But First, Why Salsa Dance Lessons in Havana?

The term “salsa” (which translates to “sauce” in Spanish) refers to the mixture of various musical instruments, styles, and cultural influences in a single large pot.

Consider the dances “Guaguanco,” “Danzon,” “Cuban Son,” “Mambo,” and others that originated in Cuba, Haiti, Africa, and other countries. Puerto Rico heavily influenced the music and dances as they travelled to New York.

Salsa is one of the dances that may convey all your positive emotions. Salsa is the dance you want to bring along when you feel like going out, having a few drinks with pals, and feeling wild and free.

Lessons in salsa dancing are frequently fast-paced, instinctive, and exhilarating. It is a dance that uses your movement to produce a sensual, rhythmic experience. You’ll pick up the fundamental step during your first salsa lessons, and the overall dance involves many turns and dips that, when performed with the guidance of a professional, can be highly eye-catching.

Do the Salsa Lessons in Havana Have Experienced and Qualified Teachers?

Of course, the trainers provided are the most crucial factor when looking for the top “dance companies near me.” The teachers can advise you on the type of class to enrol in and provide feedback on the necessary skill level. Being at a level that is too high or too low will be discouraging and unmotivating.

Do the Companies Near You Know Your Style?

There are additional factors to consider while selecting a dancing company in my area, though salsa styles are undoubtedly important. You must first determine what style of dancing you wish to perform.

Salsa styles symbolize music and movement patterns affected by the performances of adjacent dancers and dance organizations. They represent styles from all over the world. The mambo style, known as “New York Style,” involves dancing to the second beat.

Popular Columbian Style beats include the fourth and eighth beats with a tap. The Miami Style is a particularly elaborate version of traditional Cuban design. Check out the styles of the “dance studios nearby” before deciding. If you are new to salsa dancing, knowing which style is best for you can be determined by selecting a dance studio that teaches a range of genres.

How Much Is a Salsa Dance Company Charging?

Prices will vary according to classes, styles, and skill levels. The class can be worth the cost if it is exactly what you need and the instructor is knowledgeable. Compare prices to help you identify the class that provides the best value for your needs. You should come out and have fun if you are looking for those fantastic dancing companies nearby.

What Do Other People Have to Say About the Company?

Dance classes may now be taken online, just like anything else. However, the fact that you are looking for “dance companies near me” shows that you also want to get out, socialize with your friends, and support neighborhood businesses.

Look into the dance companies you come across and see what reviews there are. Are their students content with what they learned, and more importantly, did they enjoy themselves and get some exercise? Am I searching for local dancing companies that provide more than just an internet experience?

Prepping for Your First Salsa Class

Familiarize Yourself with Salsa Music

Salsa can be danced to any song with excellent brass or percussion. You can also listen to some timeless music by Tito Puente, Cilia Cruz, Hector Lavoe, and the members of Fania All-Stars. People dance salsa in different ways to the music since it has many inspirations. Knowing the difference between LA Style Salsa and New York Style/Mambo is crucial.

Do Not Fear Going Solo

This popular misconception about salsa dancing should be dispelled right away: You do not need a partner to begin dancing!

Studying the fundamentals on your own is an excellent idea if you are a newbie. So, before doing it with a partner, you can practice your posture, hip motions, weight adjustments, and footwork. You can also practice “Shadow Dances,” where you learn partner work’s arm placements and body movements while imagining an imaginary partner made of objects or walls.

When you master the fundamentals, partner dancing will come more naturally to you.

Let Go of Comparison

It is real. Comparing things steals joy. It is simple to compare yourself to other dancers when you’re just starting, whether you’ve seen them on social media, on the dance floor, or in a Salsa class.

Ensuring you do not constantly compare yourself to other Salsa dancers will help you avoid talking yourself down. Instead, adopt a more sensible strategy and give yourself time to absorb new information.

Wrap-Up – Choosing the Right Salsa Classes in Cuba

You want to have a good time while learning at your own pace from an instructor who understands your learning preferences. When looking for salsa lessons in Cuba or Havana, keep your search criteria in mind and visit their websites to watch them perform.