Are salsa lessons beginning for you soon? Congratulations on making a wonderful choice. Salsa is a partnered dance routine in which the lead and the follower go through a series of turns and spin patterns. Originating from Cubans and Puerto Ricans living in New York, this dance form is now a culmination of rumba, pachanga, mambo, tap, and swing.

Above everything else, though, salsa is a form of therapy, rejuvenation, and revival, just like meeting your best friend for coffee is. So when facing what to wear to your salsa classes in Cuba or Havana, what do you need or do not need?

Well, the choice is really simple and truly comes down to what you’re most comfortable in. As for recommendations from our salsa experts, keep reading below for the best tips on what to bring to your first salsa lessons.

1.      The Best Outfit Picks for Your Salsa Lessons

Salsa lessons are downright exciting, and if you go well prepared, you will have a memorable experience each time. Since the steps in this dance routine can be complex and tricky to learn, even initially, it’s best to take your most comfortable attire.

Our experts recommend carrying a change of clothes to your salsa classes in Cuba that would facilitate free movement. Consider your first salsa lesson in Havana similar to a workout routine; you’d want to settle for stretchy fabrics that don’t tear easily and do not feel restrictive.

You could consider wearing flowy dresses or skirts if you can handle those like a pro. Otherwise, fitted jeans, leggings, capris, or yoga pants are always the best pick because they allow you to move, twirl, and stretch nearly effortlessly.

Men could simply opt for casual t-shirts, shorts, or jeans and pair them with dance sneakers for the salsa lessons. While choosing what to carry to your salsa dance lessons, be sure to stay away from restrictive or tight clothes. Or else you won’t enjoy your time dancing to the Latin beats.

2.      Dancing Shoes for Salsa in Havana

Are you ready to lose yourself to the Latin beats in your salsa lessons? The great idea is to pick a pair of Latin dance shoes for the experience. While flats and causal sneakers are wonderful options, you’d not regret investing in a Latin pair for the routines.

You see, Latin dance shoes tend to:

  • Improve your dancing flexibility
  • Minimize slips and falls causing injuries during the routines
  • Look amazing when you’re trying to perfect your salsa dance moves
  • Facilitate easier spinning and turning

Reasons for choosing special salsa dance shoes:

  • They come equipped with a specialized suede sole
  • They have a comfortable insole
  • They feature a wonderful ankle support
  • They offer a tremendous arch support

3.      Carry a Towel and Water Bottle

Salsa lessons typically take place in dance studios, some of which can also be in the open air. But regardless of the cooling systems in the dance studios, it can get hot quickly when you’re moving around with the music. Hence, you’d feel sweaty and your throat parched with all the movement.

Don’t let the sweaty ride during your classes in Cuba rob you of the fun. A water bottle and towel on hand will keep you comfortable, hydrated, dry, and up to the twirling.

4.      Carry Positive Energy, Friendliness, and Good Vibes to the Classes in Cuba

Salsa lessons are so much fun. If you wish to make the most of your dance classes, try not to carry a sour mood, work stress, and other pressing issues on your mind to the studio. The idea is to let go of stress and have a good time.

But you cannot do that if you carry a grumpy mood and negative vibes to the dance class. Properly making the most of each salsa lesson is to be positive, energetic, and in high spirits. This will also help you team up well with your partner and have a good time.

5.      Choose Figure Hugging Attires

You will learn to move your body in time with the music in your salsa class. A big mistake newbies often make is choosing the attire for the first salsa class that conceals the body movements. You’d find it difficult to perfect the routines if you cannot follow the movements of your body in conjunction with the music.

If you wish to ace your salsa steps and look coordinated and elegant on the dance floor, we recommend picking clothes that make you aware of your body movements. It would be great to pick something free-moving and breathable that allows you to track your body’s movements. If you perform a step incorrectly, you’d spot it quickly and rectify it.

Of course, salsa dance instructors allow you to carry tops and fitted t-shirts to the classes, and you’d do good to take advantage of that. However, our experts recommend being careful with the choice of material to ensure they’re breathable. Sweat-wicking fabrics would be a huge bonus as they would save you from sweating and not feeling bothered.

Final Tips

Before you head out for your first salsa dance class, doing some prior research is a great idea. It wouldn’t hurt to learn about the basics of salsa dance, what’s expected at the first class, and how to prep yourself to make the most of it.

With proactive research, you can perform optimally at all your salsa classes in Cuba and understand the instructions of your dance instructor better. You’d also find the learning process easier for you the more well-informed and well-prepared you are at your first class.

In the end, remember to have fun, as above everything else; dancing is meant to revive your body, soul, and mind.